Monday, October 13, 2008

Crafty Saturday

I attended a crafting day at a local church this past Saturday and had a great time making lots of cute things.

Here are two of the things that we made:

Tile Coasters ( I love these!)

Decorated Paint Can w/ advent calendar in it


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

How cute!

I am celebrating my 100th post by giving away a dressing table. Come take a peek.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I couldn't stay away, I'm too nosy! Thanks for entering my drawing.I have to say that your blog is great! I will be back!

Traci said...

Hey, will you show the can'd you make it? I really like that idea. Great blog!!!

kamewh said...

If you click on the picture it should get larger showing more detail. When I clicked on it I see that part of the side came unglued a little bit :(

All it was was a large paint can and then we cut five pieces of scrapbook paper. Two larger ones for the bottom part, two smaller for the top part, and a circle for the top of the can.

Then we just used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the can. (Put a rubber band over the secured paper until dry to aid in the adhesion.) Finally, we glued a ribbon or band around the part where the 2 coordinating papers met.

I do not have the advent calendar part yet that goes in it yet as they had ordered them but they didn't make it in time.

Vickie said...

I love the tiles! They are so cute!
What a great idea that paint can with the advent calendar is!

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! I love Super Saturdays -- as long as I can finish the project that day! I have a closet full of UFO's that I started at S.S's over the years! Pathetic...

And thanks for visiting my blog! Even if it did take a bribe to get you there ... but peppermint yogurt pretzels are nothing to a dressing table. I'm going to go visit Laura Ingalls next!!

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