Thursday, September 11, 2008

My little artists

I remember reading somewhere awhile ago that a creative way to decorate your home was to frame your children's artwork. So, the other day I sat my 2 year old and 4 year old down with a box of crayons and had them create some masterpieces.

My 2 year old just used the scribble technique:

Whereas my 4 year old opted for holding a few crayons at once and turning them in circles on the paper:

I then went to Dollar Tree and purchased 4 frames that had matting with and hung my children's art. So for $4.00 I have 4 wonderful pieces of artwork- I think they turned out super cute!


ChefDruck said...

I love how you mounted them on the steps! I usually buy my kid art frames at Ikea - but I have to find a dollar tree!

Lori said...

That's a nice looking stairway! A very good idea, and I just might copy it.

Thanks for entering the All Thumbs giveaway for the Melting Pot Gift Pack. We'll announce the winner tomorrow, so check back.

We hope you continue to be a regular reader.

Leeann said...

That is a great idea. Looks very cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest. Good luck =)

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