Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Review: CROSS COUNTRY by James Patterson

I have always enjoyed James Patterson’s books, although I have not read one for about the past year or so. When I was given the opportunity to review his newest book CROSS COUNTRY, I jumped at the chance. CROSS COUNTRY is Patterson’s 14th book featuring one of my favorite Patterson characters, Alex Cross. Since I had last read an Alex Cross novel there had been a few changes in his life, but after a few pages I was easily brought up to speed.

Here is the book description from the Hachette Book Group website:

“When the home of Alex Cross's oldest friend, Ellie Cox, is turned into the worst murder scene Alex has ever seen, the destruction leads him to believe that he's chasing a horrible new breed of killer. As Alex and his girlfriend, Brianna Stone, become entangled in the deadly Nigerian underworld of Washington D.C., what they discover is shocking: a stunningly organized gang of lethal teenagers headed by a powerful, diabolical man--the African warlord known as the Tiger. Just when the detectives think they're closing in on the elusive murderer, the Tiger disappears into thin air. Tracking him to Africa, Alex knows that he must follow. Alone.”

I found the premise of the book to be very interesting. I wasn’t too sure about Alex just hopping on a plane to go to Africa to track the Tiger. It just did not seem very believable. It is something that I don’t believe would ever happen in real life. However, the book is fiction and these things can happen in a fictional novel. Once I got past that part I did enjoy the fast-paced thriller!

I really enjoy reading about Alex Cross and his adventures. CROSS COUNTRY was a little different from the previous novels that I had read as most of the prior books were set in Washington D.C. where Cross is based. However, I did enjoy the change of venue as it mixed things up a little bit. This book also contains more than Patterson’s usual share of graphic violence, but he was using the events to illustrate points, such as the real-life current situation in Africa, and this he did very well.

Like Patterson's previous books, CROSS COUNTRY is an action-packed read with never a dull moment. I look forward to reading more of Patterson in the future and at the rate which he puts out books the wait shouldn’t be too long!


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