Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sam's Club Trade In and Recycle Program

For Sam's Club members, there is a Trade In and Recycle Program where you can send your electronics and they give you a trade-in amount in Sam's Club gift cards. You can check online for the value of your items and it is a very simple process. If they value it at nothing you are still able to recycle it with them for free anyway. They even will pay the shipping to them (for a limited time). I know around here to get rid of computers and other items we have to pay $10.00 for a computer tower and $15.00 for a monitor.

Here is the info that they list on their site better explaining the program:

"The Sam's Club Trade-In and Recycle Program is available only to members of Sam's Club who elect to trade in or recycle any qualifying consumer electronic product currently offered by the program. The list of qualifying products is displayed on the trade-in platform home page. Based on the configuration and condition of your item, Sam's Club will offer to purchase your item at the value displayed by the trade-in value estimator. All trade-in valuations are subject to final evaluation by our technical staff. If your item does not qualify for any trade-in value, you will be offered the opportunity to recycle your item for free. Our recycling program employs a zero tolerance landfill policy meaning all of the material that is subject to recycling is disassembled by hand, carefully separated and eventually utilized as feedstock for various raw material extraction processes (including smelting and refining). Shipping for both trade-in and recycle items is free."


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